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Drone photos capture spectacular bird’s-eye views

Aerial photography site SkyPixel highlights some of the best from around the world in 2016. In celebration of its second anniversary, the aerial photography site SkyPixel has launched a year-end contest to collect and judge the best in drone photography. The campaign, which concludes at the end of December, has …

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For photographer Ed Freeman, finding the places others have forgotten is simple: he looks at a map of the California desert, finds a tiny spot somewhere out of the way, and makes the drive. He’s been on the road for decades, mostly as a musician, producer, and even as a …

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Creative and Artistic Photography

Maria Tudela Bermudez’s journey as a photographer, carving out a niche in creating artistic photography. Maria’s images are captivating and haunting and leaves you speechless when they’re coupled with her musical selection. We highly recommend you check out her work. My characters are always anonymous, never showing a face. Thereby …

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Exposing for Highlights

While people rush to buy the latest cameras with the highest dynamic ranges and the latest software that’ll allow simulation of the highest dynamic range possible, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, it helps to remember that every limitation can also be a beautiful creative constraint. On the beach …

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The End of What It Looks Like

I’m in Melbourne right now – my first time to Australia, and my 50th country. I’m speaking at the Nikon AIPP, an incredible convention filled with some wonderful people. Yesterday I gave the keynote address that opened the conference; it’s a fearful task to inspire people at 8:30am. It was …

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One Subject, Endless Possibilities

Zion National Park had its beginnings over 240 million years ago. The Virgin River carved out the canyon, and continues to do so. Hard to believe when you take a look at it meandering through the park. It is narrow with a brownish hue. Its cascades are mild and there are lots …

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