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Okay Google, you need a cuter name

The first thing I say when I wake up every morning is “Okay Google”. Now don’t worry - it’s not shrieked amidst some kind of panicked, cold sweat. I’m not having nightmares about search engines, or even the prolonged suffering of Google+ (though someone surely should be). For the past month, saying …

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Fake news detector plug-in developed

As pressure mounts on firms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to do more to tackle fake news, some are taking things into their own hands. Technologist Daniel Sieradski has developed a plug-in - known as BS Detector - that flags up "questionable" websites on Facebook and Twitter. The plug-in …

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The Top Ten Honeymoon Spots in the World

No honeymoon spots are quite the same as they all come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the couple would only need to pick the most appropriate destination suitable to their collective personality. A beach getaway, a trip to the Alps, a safari adventure—these are just some of …

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Visit Pingyao: The Town That Time Forgot

Once upon a time, before the glittering skyscrapers rose up, China was a land of elegant courtyard houses and brightly painted Taoist temples. Once upon a time, spindly and ornate watch towers pierced the sky and red paper lanterns crisscrossed streets too narrow to squeeze a car down. In much …

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Spectacular Volcanoes to Visit in Asia

“Remind me that the most fertile lands were built by the fires of volcanoes.” – Andrea Gibson Asia is known to be a collection of lands with bountiful sights of nature. The continent is peppered with rich marine and forest life and has been known to be a myriad of …

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Google Daydream View review

Google’s big bet on the future of virtual reality, Daydream, is finally available to buy, but is the Daydream View headset actually worth getting? Daydream is the new VR platform from Google. An evolution of what the company started with its Cardboard headset, it works on the same principle using …

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